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Post  Nymphadora_Tonks_Lupin on Sat Dec 13, 2008 12:09 pm

Harry 11” Holly Phoenix Feather “nice and supple”
Voldemort 13 ½” Yew Phoenix Feather “Powerful”
James 11” Mahogany --- “Pliable, a little more powerful, Excellent for Transfiguration”
Lily 10 ¼” Willow --- “Swishy, nice wand for charm work”
Ron (new) 14” Willow One Unicorn Tail Hair ---
Viktor 10 ¼” Hornbeam Dragon Heartstring “Quite rigid, thicker than one usually sees”
Fleur Rosewood Veela hair Maker Unknown
Hagrid 16” oak --- “Rather bendy”
Cedric 12 ¼” Ash Tale of Male Unicorn "Pleasantly Springy"
J.K. Rowling Mahogany or Walnut Phoenix Feather ---
Source: Ultimate Unofficial Guide to the Mysteries of Harry Potter

Wand Cores and Magical Properties
• Phoenix Feather – Very Magical.
• Dragon Heartstring – Hexes are a specialty of this core.
• Unicorn Tail – Best for the pure of heart.
• Leprechaun Hair – Somewhat temperamental to Non-Irish.
• Demiguise Hair – Only the best for Transfiguration.
• Hippogriff Talon – Excellent for Charm Work.
• Runespoor Fang – Best for those who deal with Dark Magic.
• Hair from the Mane of a Kelpie – Superb for all spells.
• Chimaera Scale – Very rare, yet very powerful.
• Ashwinder Ash – Casts the best protection charms.

Wand Wood
• Holly
• Ash
• Willow
• Maple
• Walnut
• Mahogany
• Birch
• Yew
• Rosewood

Spells, Charms, Incantations, and Curses
Accio – Summons a desired item
Alohomora – Unlocks any door
Aparecium – Turns normal ink invisible
Avada Kedavra – The killing curse
Averte Statura – Good for dueling, sends opponent flying backwards
Avis – Several tiny birds will appear
Bubble Head Charm – Underwater breathing charm
Colloportus – Seals a door
Crucio – Cruciatus Curse, inflicts horrible pain
Deletrius – Disintegrates target
Densaugeo – Causes teeth to grow very large
Diffindo – Splits things
Dilusionment Charm – Causes anything magical to appear blurry to a muggle
Enervate – Reviving stunned people
Engorgio – Causes immense swelling
Evanesco – Vanishing Spell
Expecto Patronum – Fends off dementors
Expelliarmus – Disarms opponent
Feraverto – Used in transfiguration, turns object into a cup
Ferula – Creates a sling for a broken bones
Fidelius Charm – Makes a person keep a secret
Finitie Incantatem – Allows no more spells to be cast
Flagrate – Creates a fiery “X” for a short time
Point Me – Four Point Spell, turns a wand into a compass
Portus – Creates a Port Key
Furnunculus – Causes boils
Impediment – Causes opponent to slow down
Imperio – Imperius Curse, allows caster to control someone’s mind
Impervius – Makes objects repel water
Incendio – Lights a fire
Ipera Ivanesca – Similar to the vanishing spell, except it makes objects burn up
Jelly-Legs Jinx – Causes legs to wobble
Lumos – Emits light from casters wand
Locomotor Mortis – Locks opponents legs
Mobilarbus – Moves objects
Mobilcorpus – Moves a person who cannot walk
Morsmordre – Creates the Dark Mark
Nox – Extinguishes light from “lumos”
Obliviate – Erases a person’s memory
Orchideous – Flowers burst from wand tip
Petrificus Totalus – Full body-bind
Priori Incantato – Reveals a wands most recent spell
Protego – Protects against minor curses
Quietus – Reverses “sonorous”
Reducio – Shrinks objects
Reducto – Reductor Curse, blasts through solid objects
Relashio – Repels Grindylows
Reparo – Repairing Charm
Rictusempra – Causes target to laugh uncontrollably
Riddickulus – Forces a Boggart to change shape
Scourgify – Cleaning Spell
Serpensortia – Summons a large snake from the caster’s wand
Sheild Charm – Deflects minor curses
Sonorus – Magnifies ones voice
Stupefy – Stunning spell
Tarantallegra – Dancing Spell
Volarte Ascendele – Propels object into the air
Winguardiam Leviosa – Levitates objects

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Post  Nymphadora_Tonks_Lupin on Sat Dec 13, 2008 12:12 pm

Delacour, Fleur: rosewood, 9 1/2 ", inflexible, veela hair (GF18)
The hair in Fleur's wand was from her grandmother, who was a veela.

Diggory, Cedric: pleasantly springy, 12 1/4", single hair from the tail of a particularly fine male unicorn
See note below on Cedric's wand core. Cedric, who is friendly and unassuming, carries a wand which is described as "pleasant."

Dumbledore, Albus: see Elder Wand

Granger, Hermione: vine wood, dragon heartstring
Rowling chose vine wood (JKR) for Hermione because it is the wood associated with her birthday in Celtic lore.

Grindelwald, Gellert: see Wand of Destiny

Hagrid, Rubeus: oak, 16", rather bendy
The oak tree is considered to be the "king of the forest," according to British lore. It is known for its strength. (JKR)

Krum, Viktor: hornbeam, 10 1/4", quite rigid, dragon heartstring
Krum's wand was made by Gregorovitch, not Mr. Ollivander. Krum's stiff, gruff manner is reflected in his wand being "quite rigid."

Lestrange, Bellatrix Black: walnut, 12 3/4", unyielding, dragon heartstring
Taken from her by Ron Weasley at Malfoy Manor, who Disarmed her using Wormtail's wand. Since Mr. Ollivander identified it so precisely, it seems likely that he originally made the wand (DH23, DH24).

Longbottom, Neville's wands:
first one (obtained prior to September 1991 [Y11], broken June 1996 [Y16])
new one (July 1996 [Y16]) cherry, unicorn tail hair
Neville's original wand was his father's old wand and meant a great deal to his grandmother Augusta (his father's mother). This wand was broken by Antonin Dolohov during the battle of the Department of Mysteries in June 1996 [Y16].

Malfoy, Draco: hawthorn, 10", reasonably springy, unicorn tail hair
Taken from him by Harry Potter (DH23, DH24).

Malfoy, Lucius: elm, dragon heartstring
Taken from him by Voldemort (DH1).

Malfoy, Narcissa Black: unknown
Taken from her by Dobby at Malfoy Manor shortly before the latter's death (DH23).

Pettigrew, Peter: chestnut, 9 1/4", brittle, dragon heartstring
Made for him by Mr. Ollivander (who was forced to do so) and in the end taken from him by Ron Weasley by main force rather than by magic (DH23, DH24).

Potter, Harry: holly, 11", supple, single phoenix tail feather (from Fawkes)
According to European tradition, the holly tree repels evil. The name "holly" is derived from the word "holy." (JKR)

Potter, James: mahoghany, 11", pliable (excellent for transfiguration)
It makes sense that a wand good for transfiguration would be "pliable," which means that it can be molded and shaped.

Potter, Lily Evans: willow, 10 1/4", swishy (nice wand for charm work, according to Mr. Ollivander) (PS5)

Riddle, Tom Marvolo (Voldemort): yew, 13 1/2", single phoenix tail feather (from Fawkes)
Harry's and Voldemort's wands are "brothers" because they have cores of not only the same substance but from exactly the same source. When they are forced to fight each other, the Priori Incantatem effect is produced. Yew trees are known for their long lives. They symbolize death, but also resurrection. (JKR)

Umbridge, Dolores' wand
While not identified specifically, Umbridge's wand was described as "unusually short." Umbridge herself is unusually short, and perhaps her wand's characterisitcs suggest that her magical ability comes up wanting as well. We never do see her perform any particularly effective magic spells, after all.

Weasley, Ron's wands:
first one (obtained August 1991 [Y11], broken 1st September 1992 [Y12]): ash
new one (31st August, 1993 [Y13]): willow, 14", unicorn tail hair (PA3)
Ron's original wand was a hand-me-down from his older brother Charlie. It was made of ash (see note). This wand broke when the flying Ford Anglia crashed into the Whomping Willow on the 1st of September, 1996 [Y12]. See also entry for Pettigrew, Peter.

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Post  jonnymcwhatshisname on Sat Jan 24, 2009 11:59 am

Please tell me you copy and pasted this.

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Post  Nymphadora_Tonks_Lupin on Sat Jan 24, 2009 7:37 pm

maybe......i dont have anything better to do......

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Post  Crystal on Fri Apr 17, 2009 6:45 pm

no! she wrote it alllllll!

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